Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hero Honda’s splendor NXG


The splendor nxg is the new version of the splendor bike with new additional features for the new young generation of youths
In this bike it as the feature of alloy wheels as u see and the bike as the powerful engine then the older version of the splendour + and ordinary splendor .It has a very good feet rest and a beatiful petrol tank and good sticker has the naked suspension so it can be ride
it can be very good riding experience in the indian roads Splendor NXG bares pilot lamps and electric start which is very important for 100cc bikes as they mostly used for city riding. Splendor NXG is also available in two variants - spoke and cast, priced respectively at Rs. 40,990/- and Rs. 41,990/- ex showroom Delhi

Thursday, March 20, 2008


This is a Tribute to my dear friend Keerthi for his sincere efforts and never say die attitude which landed him a job in Shriram Value company and dedicated to all of them who try their best to seek a job.Mr.Keerthi lives in Alandur and is doing his B.E in Crescent Engg college.He also owns a CCNA certificate.We call him "Aamai"(Tortoise) coz he is so lazy sleeping in class and always puts mokkai.But then he is one guy whom you can depend upon in times of adversity and is extremely helpful and very funny at times.We both travel together in Gilli(G18).

This guy always utters the word "Confident" everytime I ask him about his exams or his interviews.I used to scold him saying that Confidence is nothing without Hardwork.Thats true.But then Keerthi remained unfazed though he got a few arrears and never cleared the aptitude round in several interviews.In some interviews he went up to the G.D but then couldn't survive it.Days passed by and he had lost all hope and virtually got unstable.I saw sorrow embedded in his face when he was not selected for ICICI.He came and said to me that he can't take anymore interviews and needs a break.He also told me that he is not going to take up interview with Shriram Value company.His confidence dented.I got angry and told him to go and die if he can't face this world.Darkness prevailed.

I thought he would be upset and would never take the interview.To my surprise and excitement he turned up with a light shirt and dark trousers with a file in his hand for the interview.Now I know this guy had it in him.He cleared his aptitude round and preliminary interview with ease.He had to clear the final interview and the only thing we told him is not to lose his confidence.Take my word Keerthi is not that sort of a guy who will make an impression with anyone who sees him for the first time and I feared he will have a tough interview session.oh..yeah he did it..Hurrah! the results are out and Keerthi is now placed.

We Salute the courage and confidence of Keerthi and I'm extremely proud to be his friend.His life will be a lesson as well as a source of inspiration to all of you who feel let down and I promise you that "your day is not far away" if you persevere.Now let all of us put our hands together and congratulate our Hero Keerthi.....

Yours truly

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Watching this movie last night it turned out to be quite a thriller. Lot of things been said that the movie is too long but i never felt anything like that and got hooked to it. The story is definetly different from the usual friendship frenzy movies. Just three songs that supplement the movie beautifully without distracting you. Lots of action and sentiments flow through the film with good acting exhibited by all of them.
The film has Prasanna and Pandiarajan doing unusual roles but have come up with splendid performances. There are some scenes which linger in your memory for sometime.I think everyone must watch this movie no matter what their taste is.
A small thing is that there has been a word that this movie is inspired by an English movie "Mystic River" though the director completely denies it.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Richie Street chennai

richie street this is a place where you can get all the duplicate and original parts of all electronic items spare parts...but beware of this area since more fraud takes place here often

Thursday, March 6, 2008


This is even though a good news for those who are using memory cards in their mobile phones,camcorders and digital cameras is that we can recover the deleted photos from the memory cards eventhough the deleted files from the memory card are more than a month.For example,from a 1gb memory card we can recover photos and videos upto 1gb. This can be done by using the softwares available.
Since this effective option is used in the other way i dont want to mention the name of the softwares. the personal photos from the memory card can be recovered the only way to we have is stop taking personal photos for our few minutes joy because personal life is more important for us

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


One year old child found Pregnant in Saudi Arabia. Doctors say its a unique case for this World!!!
Medical Science Report says: When the mother of this chid was pregnant, she had 2 foetuses inside her, but one of the foetus grew inside the other, this is why this girl was born with the other foetus inside her womb.

Monday, March 3, 2008


Kovalam Beach in Chennai is a place to visit if you need some solitude away from the frenzy city life.The beach can be reached riding along the ECR and looks quite different from other beaches.A faint smell of fishes and salt emanates on your road to the beach.The first thing that amuses you is the shallow waters of the sea and the sand is visible through the water.You can't resist your temptation to go out for a swim.I would recommend not to try that for some reason.This is one place where you can see the fishermen start their journey in to the sea and return back to the shore live and exclusive.You feel so close to the action.A good thing about this beach is that you get good fresh fish.The fishes are sold immediately after catch for affordable prices and attractive bids.They go right from the net in to your bag.A huge variety of fishes will be available and you can be assured that they are fresh.The waters look extremely beautiful and romantic which gives you the feeling that you are very close to nature.
A special thing here is that it has a Mosque en-route to the beach which looks great and a lot of people visit here daily.Moving closer to the beach you will find a Hindu Temple to purify yourself from your worldly sins.Thats India for you! We have unity in diversity.People of different religion live in Harmony here.
Atlast you can prepare yourself for a photograph session on the very few rocks on the shore with the waters kissing them frequently.Take care because some may be slippery.You would also find some abandoned wooden boats to take some pictures.This one is for those artistic ones.I think lovers will like this place much more than others.
Whatever been said there is something about this place which you would feel only after visiting this place.I reckon this beach is worth a visit atleast once in your lifetime.